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Morgan Chase here, 2014 grad.  I was just reaching out because since graduating from IUP I’ve been working with a non-profit called the Fund for Equality. The Fund partners with the Human Rights Campaign to win hard-fought campaigns to protect LGBTQ equality.

This fall/winter/summer, Fund for Equality is tackling some big issues, and we’re looking for people ready to make real change happen. As far as HC questioning goes we’re more on the “Therefore what should we do?” side of things.


Together, we’re already making historic progress for equal rights. Take our campaign to end discrimination in the workplace: In 28 states, it’s still legal to fire someone for being lesbian, gay, bi, and/or transgender. Fund for Equality has talked to tens of thousands of people to build support for the Equality Act and other regulations protecting the LGBTQ community. This commonsense legislation would make it illegal to fire someone based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

While this legislation hasn’t passed yet, the grassroots support we built helped convince President Obama to issue an executive order protecting gay and/or transgender workers from discrimination. The order prohibits government contractors from discriminating against workers based on their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Now, we’re working to make sure all LGBTQ people are afforded the same protections. Our org also works on environmental issues and public interest issues like saving bee populations and banning carcinogens in Roundup. If you know any students who might be interested in joining us after graduation feel free to tell them to apply to work for us or pass this along however you’d like to.

Thank you for your time,

Morgan Chase
Cook Honors College
Class of 2014
Canvass Director | Fund for the Public Interest
116 Nassau St. Ste. 826 | New York City, NY 10038

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