Alternative Spring Break Option – Trail Building in Tennessee

For the 12th consecutive year, ASB at IUP intends to send out a group of about twelve students to work on the Tennessee trail building project in partnership with Cumberland Trail Conference (CTC). The CTC’s stated mission is: “To preserve the historical and cultural heritage of Tennessee; conserve natural resources and provide educational and recreational opportunities through the development and completion of the Cumberland Trail corridor; and to establish a foundation of support by interconnecting local communities within the trail corridor to acquire, maintain, and promote the Cumberland Trail.”

Specifically, IUP has worked with students from other colleges to build new hiking trails in the southern regions of what will become the Cumberland Trail—Tennessee’s own version of the Appalachian Trail, just on a smaller scale.

The site leader for this amazing and fun trip is Pete Sirianni. Please contact Pete ( very soon if you have any interest in becoming 1 of the 12 students chosen for this volunteer trip. And of course, you will get community service hours (up to 30 maximum) for your participation in this program.

Here are some basic facts to consider:

*Departure from Indiana on Saturday, March 5th
*1st night will be spent in Chattanooga, TN
*Check in to the CTC facility in Soddy Daisy, TN on Sunday, March 6th
*Sleep in dorm-like accommodations – and all food is provided for the week
*Work out in the woods building trail
*Depart for Indiana on Saturday, March 12th
*We need drivers!!! If you agree to drive, you will pay a reduced program fee
*Total cost = $350 (all travel, lodging, and food included in this price)

Let Pete know if you have any questions.

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