2016 Study Abroad in Israel

“Coexistence in the Middle East” is an academic field program aimed at students and alumni from all majors who wish to experience the challenge of human diversity in Israel, where civilizations, religions and cultures converge.

This initiative seeks to promote coexistence by providing future leaders with a unique opportunity to interact and gain first-hand contact with different national, religious, and ideological groups that converge in Israel, a crossroads for humanity. The program focuses on five major types of coexistence:

  • The confluence of Western and Middle-Eastern civilizations
  • Religious interactions between Christians, Muslims, and Jews
  • Israel’s international relations with Arab and Muslim countries in the Middle East
  • Palestinian-Israeli relations in the homeland claimed by both sides
  • Coexistence among individuals based on “universal” values originating in this region


During the course, the conflict will be personalized through first-hand contact and interaction with a wide variety of places, people and senior representatives of different positions, ideas and disciplines, highlighting the human dimension of the conflict. With the insight gained, participants will not only be able understand the differences, but above all, to appreciate the many similarities that all parts share as human beings.
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