American Culture and English (ACE) Tutors Needed

Please share with all students in your department.  Thank you!


Looking for students to volunteer or as work study for our American Culture and English (ACE) tutoring program for the spring, summer, and fall 2015  semesters at the American Language Institute (ALI)

Please have a strong background in English language skills: reading, writing, grammar, listening, and speaking. Teaching/tutoring experience is preferred.  Aside from practicing and learning English, many of our students request information and experiences revolving around the American culture and university professional setting.

Attached is an application for ACE tutoring.  All applicants are instructed to drop off their application to the 2nd floor front desk for the American Language Institute in Eicher hall.  Please supply a resume/CV to indicate your experiences related to this position.

ACE Tutoring Application Form

Best regards,
Ann Elise Frazier
Instructor: American Language Institute
Supervisor: American Culture and English Tutoring Program
Eicher hall, room 205

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