KOREA UNIVERSITY AT SEJONG – Study Abroad Presentation to Honors College Students

Mr. Sukkyung will be here next Wednesday for a presentation about Korea University at Sejong.  Many IUP students have had a great and successful experience abroad with KU.  All Honors College students are encouraged to attend and bring a friend.  This study abroad experience is open to nearly every academic major and classes are offered in English.

Where: Great Hall, Whitmyre

When: 10-11 am on Wednesday, February 11th.


Top ranked, Korea University is one of the oldest and largest in the country. The university’s reputation for teaching, research and service to Korean study is acknowledged throughout the country. The university is located in the small town of Jochiwon which is only a short bus ride from three major cities.  Korea University Sejong offers to cover the housing and meal plan (2 meals a day) for any student who signs up to room with Korean students and work with them each day on English.  Also, for students who study for a semester, they will reimburse you for your airfare (up to $1,200.)


Geographically in the center of Korea, Sejong offers students the opportunity to study in South Korea in a relaxed atmosphere, with easy access to three major cities by public transportation.


IUP students planning to study at Korea University at Sejong will earn transfer credits towards their degree. There are over 100 different courses taught in English offered for study abroad students. Korean language classes are also offered which help to make living in Korea more rewarding and enjoyable for students. 


Free housing* shared with two Korean students with free meal plan*.


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