Idea Amplified – An Invitation to Cook Honors College Students

Dear Mr. Berezansky,

I hope this finds you well! I wanted to thank you again for taking the time out of your schedule to meet with us regarding the creation of the Idea Amplified (IA). The overall purpose of our meeting was to inform you about the organization and to shed some light on our interest on recruiting two students from the honors program, preferably sophomore or freshmen students who are pursuing degrees outside the realms of science.

We believe recruiting sophomore or freshmen year student will provide the recruited enough time to take on the responsibilities of the president and the vice president spots that will be available when James and I graduate in May of 2016. Realizing the opportunistic and diligent attitude of the students of the honors college at IUP, I think they will make a great addition to our prospective organization.

At your request, here is a small description on IA:

Idea Amplified, an organization interested in congregating students from all academic concentrations within Indiana University of Pennsylvania; to learn and apply aspects of research, marketing and further economic understandings and how this may be applicable to future endeavors.

Establishment of this organization would bring students from all academic concentrations within Indiana University of Pennsylvania together to learn and potentially apply different aspects of scientific research, application of said research, as well as develop the applications of marketing towards research and further business understandings. Furthermore, this organization is to be community involved, meaning volunteer work and community services are to be provided and community outreach programs will be conducted throughout the academic year. In order to successfully educate the general public of various aspects within the science realm and to consider advancements of the society in general, involvement and education become the highlights of this organization. Through improving public relations of Indiana County in collaboration with Indiana University of Pennsylvania will also be emphasized by the organization.

Individuals who wish to join this organization will experience opportunities that will allow an expansion of knowledge and skills of communication with not only other students, but also members of the surrounding area and county. Supplemental qualities students will develop upon membership are exposure to, and utilization of leadership skills, exposure to marketable projects, and also showing how bench-top science is taking new extremes in current health care services.

We aim to publicize IA to the students of the honors program and request the interested students to apply for the available positions with their resume and an essay on how they could be beneficial to our organization and also what they can learn out of this experience.

Please let us know what you think about Idea Amplified, and feel free to submit any suggestions as well! Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.


Vishal Keshari

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