Manna Project International (NGO) – Service Abroad Opportunity

Honors Alumna, Gretchen Heine (’14) is currently doing a work for Manna Project International, an NGO addressing community development needs in Nicaragua.  She recently reached out to share this opportunity with other CHC students.

She writes, “As we well know, the CHC promotes any and all opportunities abroad, and working with Manna offers hands-on experience that far exceeds any of my past excursions abroad. Manna employs a holistic approach to community development, offering programs in health, education, and livelihoods projects. The wide range of programs that we offer not only recognize the multi-dimensional factors that precipitate poverty, but it consequently offers experiential learning opportunities to students in the sciences, business, and humanities subjects.”
“I was hoping you would be able to post this opportunity in Whit Weekly for students. The information to the website is  Please feel free to refer anyone to me, I would be happy to talk to them in more detail about the Manna experience.”
If you are interested in this experience abroad, let me know at and I will put you in touch with her.


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