Telecounseling Federal Work Study Job Opportunity

Telecounselors are ambassadors for the Office of
Undergraduate Admissions and the university. These students are
responsible for
contacting prospective students to relay important information,
questions regarding campus life and the admissions process, as
well as help
with the anxieties and concerns of both parents and students to
the best of
their ability. In addition, telecounselors are a resource for
prospective students
in the college selection and application process. The
telecounseling process
provides a human touch for prospective students, something more
information in the mail.

Telecounselors are responsible for many different tasks. They
help to bridge
the gap between high school and college by providing the
opportunity for
students to ask questions and obtain answers from a student
prospective. Phone
calls are made to prospective students to provide information
regarding college
fairs, SAT’s, and to answer any questions regarding the college
search process.
Phone calls are made to incoming students looking for missing
items, congratulate acceptance, advise of future processes, or
inquire about a
decision. Though this is not an all inclusive job description,
with future students is the most important aspect of the

Telecounselors have a sense of pride in IUP and want to
offer their
assistance and support to help students make a well informed
decision when
choosing a college to attend. They enjoy knowing they are
helping and
supporting future students.

Telecounselors must have the ability to work independently, be
reliable, be
knowledgeable about the university and be able to use good
Telecounselors would develop a work schedule between the hours
of 4-8 pm,
Mondays-Thursdays.  To apply, please contact Heather Andring at or stop by G27 Sutton Hall.  Federal Work Study

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