Volunteers Needed for Newman Center Book Sale

Hello, everyone!!!

I hope you all have been having an enjoyable
summer. 🙂  It’s not over yet!  However, as the temperatures cool and
our minds start thinking of school again, it’s time to gear up for St.
Thomas More’s annual book sale.  I am amazed at the generosity of the
community in donating books to our sale and so grateful for all of you
volunteers who make the sale possible.

After receiving favorable responses to last year’s email campaign
for cashiers, I definitely wanted to begin with this mode again!

The 2012 Book
Sale will be held from Friday, Sept. 14 through Sunday, Sept. 16. 
Volunteer shifts for cashiers will remain the same as last year.

Friday, Sept. 14:

Saturday, Sept. 15:

Sunday, Sept. 16:

let me know if you are interested in cashiering for any of the above
time slots.  I also welcome any preferences you may have as far as
location (working inside the building or outside by the tent) or a
preference for a
certain position (such as the antique room, children’s books, large
orders on Friday night, etc.).  If you are unavailable to assist as a
cashier at the Book Sale, please let me know that, too, so that I don’t
bug you next week with a phone call!!

For those of you
who are Steelers fans, the Steelers will be playing the New York Jets
on Sun. Sept. 16 at 4:25p. (Just a note to help you plan your

Thanks, in advance, for all that you do to help the Book Sale to be such a success!!!  Looking forward to hearing from you all!   I can be reached at melissa@footefamily.net.

Melissa Foote

5 thoughts on “Volunteers Needed for Newman Center Book Sale

  1. Alexandra, congrats on being the first to respond to the facebook post! You will receive one community service hour. I’ll go over service hour entry in a few weeks at the Wednesday Workshop and we’ll get in on the books for you.

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