Honors Elective – Econometrics

Are you looking for a course that has the
potential to meaningfully build your resume and/or enhance your graduate school
applications?  If so, Introduction to
Econometrics (ECON 356 /H/) is the course for you!

do you have to do to complete the research project in ECON 356?

Select a topic of personal interest

Collect data

Review the economic literature

Analyze the data sample econometrically

Interpret your results

Write a paper

Give an oral presentation of your paper

You may
benefit by:

—  Improving organization
and time management skills

—  Honing oral
communication skills

—  Refining Excel
spreadsheet/data management skills

—  Enhancing professional
writing skills

—  Gaining proficiency and
comfort with statistical software such as EViews (an econometric software package widely used in the discipline)

—  Qualifying for opportunities to become better
prepared for job and graduate school applications

Opening doors to present papers at professional conferences, and
possibly even publish articles

You may complete
a research paper on a wide variety of topics. 
Past topics include:

Components of Gross State Product and Emissions

Does Being Landlocked Hurt GDP Growth in Africa?

Socioeconomic Factors and Their Effects on the PSSA

Trust and Social Capital

Determinants of Political Participation in the U.S.

Determinants of Property Crime Rates

Determinants of National Hockey League Game

Military Enlistment Decisions

A Study of Motion Picture Revenue

Job placements
for ECON 356 students include:

—  Federal Energy
Regulatory Commission

—  Bureau of Labor

—  National Science

—  Association of American

—  Bank of New York Mellon

—  Strategic Energy

—  Federal Reserve Bank of

—  Conemaugh Health System

—  Coventry Health Care

—  S&T Bank

First Commonwealth Bank

Grad school placements in economics/public policy/ law programs for ECON 356
students include:

—  University of Chicago

—  Duke University

—  Howard University

—  Johns Hopkins

—  Louisiana State

—  University of Georgia

—  University of

—  University of Maryland

—  New York University

The Ohio State University

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