Jobs In Publishing: Matching Degree to Job and Internships


Publishing is an apprenticeship industry, meaning that much of what a
publishing professional needs to know will be learned on the job. Often,
industry knowledge learned in one department is useful throughout the
publishing house?allowing the opportunity to move between departments.
But where to start? Put together with the help of several human resource
experts, this guide to matching your college major with the appropriate publishing departments is a great way to determine your first steps.

Internship Resource

If you’re still working on your degree, an internship may be the perfect
way to experience the inner-workings of the publishing industry. Some
are paid, many offer college credit, and all provide invaluable
knowledge that may help you get your foot in the door when it is time to
look for a full-time job.

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Free to Students – 2012 Appalachian Studies Conference Presentations

• John A. Williams–Appalachian State University and author of Appalachia: a
–on “Pennsylvania as Greater Appalachia: Historical Perspectives.” 
Friday, March 23, Noon-1:15, Eberly Auditorium.

• Robert F. Cahalan–Head of
Climate and Radiation at NASA and a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on
Climate Change that shared the 2007 Nobel Prize with Al Gore–on “Appalachian
Impacts of Global Warming: Reasons for Hope.”  Friday, March 23, 1:30-2:45,
Eberly Auditorium

• Susan M. Taffe Reed–University of North Carolina-Chapel
Hill, of Delaware Indian ancestry and from the Endless Mountains region of
Appalachia–on “The Significance of Powwows to Native Americans in Pennsylvania’s
Appalachia.”  Saturday, March 24, 9:45-10:45, Eberly Room 121.

• James
Loewen–Catholic University and author of Sundown Towns: a Hidden Dimension of
American Racism
(2006) and the bestselling Lies My Teacher Told Me:
Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong
(1996)–on “Uncovering
Racist Sundown Towns in Appalachia and Beyond.”  Saturday, March 24, 5:00-6:00,
Eberly Auditorium.

An RSVP would be appreciated; just reply to this email
and indicate which presentation you hope to attend.

Jim Cahalan
2012 Appalachian Studies Association Conference
Program Chair

Western PA Council of Teachers of English Spring Workshop

Alert: The WPCTE Spring Workshop is
scheduled for Saturday, April 28, 2011, at La Roche College.  The
keynote speaker is author John Golden.  Proposal for concurrent sessions
will be considered until March 15. 

The Western Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of English (WPCTE), a
fifty year old affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of English
(NCTE), is dedicated to the professional development of area
English/Language Arts teachers, K – College. With over 1800 members,
WPCTE membership is free.

The theme of the day is “Finding Literacy: Our Students
as a Resource”  The NCTE co-sponsored speaker is author John Golden who
will address the topic of Multi-Modal Literacy. 

We now publish our newsletter. E-Notes, on
line. It informs our membership of upcoming events sponsored by both
WPCTE and NCTE and provides links to interesting, important and helpful
information for the classroom teacher.

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