Writing Center Announces New Online Editing Chat Sessions!

Emily Weber, Aleda Johnson, and Jenna Enright thought
it might be helpful to let freshman (and upper class students) know about the new online tutoring sessions being offered by the IUP Writing Center.  HC students very rarely
take advantage of the Writing Center, most likely because they are either too busy or embarrassed to seek help.  Online tutoring makes it very convenient and provides a safe and supportive context for this interaction – your home.  Now there are no excuses for not getting help writing your papers.  There is some lead time required for tutors to read and edit your paper before your online appointment, so check out the process at:


One thought on “Writing Center Announces New Online Editing Chat Sessions!

  1. Thanks Kevin. Tutors at the Writing Center put a lot of work into the Online Writing Center and we want to see students take advantage of it!

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