Euroscholars Spotlights K. U. Leuven University in Belgium

Euroscholars provides research study abroad experiences at 12 top universities in Europe. 

Today’s spotlight is on K.U. Leuven University in Belgium.

As a
university, K.U.Leuven distinguishes itself from other research centres by its
autonomous statement of problems, by the disinterested character of its
fundamental research, by its focus on education and by the fact that within its
walls almost all academic disciplines are represented. In a number of fields
(such as biotechnology, environment, medical research, European integration and
diversity, arts and nanotechnology) the university aspires to a place among the
centres of excellence in Europe and in the world.

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Forum for Undergraduate Student Editors

Hello! My
name is Lauren Bailey. I’m the student director of FUSE (the Forum for
Undergraduate Student Editors) at Susquehanna University. FUSE will host a
national caucus on February 4, timed to correspond with AWP’s conference in
Washington, DC, and it is my hope that student editors and faculty advisors from
your institution will attend.

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CFHI Global Health Rotations: New Program- Implementing Universal Healthcare from Highland to Coastal Ecuador

Ecuadorian government is quietly making a bold attempt to provide universal
healthcare to its culturally and geographically diverse population.  Are they
succeeding? You be the judge as you are given unprecedented access to key
aspects of the healthcare system in both the capital of Quito as well as rural
areas of costal Ecuador.

Read more about how to participate in this unique
program and the innovative approach to healthcare in South America:

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International Internships February 15 Summer Application Deadline Approaching

Just a quick reminder
that application deadline for all SUMMER 2011 International Internships programs
is coming up on February 15!!  If you have any students who are looking for
something to do this summer, have them enhance their resume by doing an
internship abroad with International Internships!

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