Coexistence in the Middle East (CME), from June 26th-July 26th, 2011

Following the success of our last program, we would like to invite the students at your institution to Experience the challenges of human diversity by participating in the academic field program in Israel, Coexistence in the Middle East (CME), from June 26th-July 26th, 2011. View other dates


CME is sponsored by the Israel National Commission for UNESCO, and participants are eligible to 3-6 academic credits through the Rothberg International School at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, rated among the world’s top 120 universities.




Video: Program 2011


 Video: Program Alumni




CME seeks to promote mutual understanding through contact and interaction with different cultures through study visits and meetings with representatives of diverse perspectives. The program introduces students to the challenge of human diversity in Israel, where different civilizations, religions, national identities, and ideologies from around the world converge.


In addition, participants have the opportunity to visit two of the Seven Wonders of the World: the Pyramids of Egypt or the Lost City of Petra in Jordan.


To date, undergraduate and graduate students from 32 universities and 11 different countries have participated in our programs. For information about our previous programs, please refer to the following links: Program 2010.pdf | Lecturers 2010.pdf | Alumni Video | Alumni.pdf.


To participate or to learn more about scholarships and contacts at your campus, students can register to our website without obligation via the following link:


For general info about our next programs, please refer to the following links at

|Dates and Costs | Itinerary | Lecturers |  Alumni | Registration | Scholarships | Egypt, Jordan & PA


We also invite students to get in touch with some of the program’s alumni in our Facebook group, and to follow us on Twitter.


We would be grateful if you could help us by forwarding this invitation to faculty members and/or students who may be interested in promoting or participating in the program. We would also be thankful if you would be willing to publish it through your institution’s website.  


Additionally, we would appreciate it if your institution would consider the possibility of granting academic credits to this course, which has already been recognized by several universities.


Thank you for helping us to promote coexistence.


Best regards from Israel,



Javier Gelbwaser



Coexistence un the Middle East

Academic Tour in Israel

Experience the challenge of human diversity…


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