African Languages Initiative – Boren Fellowship

We are pleased to
announce the National Security Education Program African Languages Initiative.
This initiative will offer Boren
Fellowship applicants the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of, and
proficiency in, African languages and cultures. We seek applicants who have had
exposure to Bambara, Swahili, Yoruba, or Zulu, and can demonstrate proficiency
of novice-high or


Specifically, this pilot
initiative will provide the opportunity for Fellows to enhance their Boren
Fellowship with additional language study in the United
States and overseas.  Beginning summer 2011,
Fellows will have the opportunity to enroll in domestic university-based summer
intensive courses in the targeted languages.  The summer U.S. programs will be followed by intensive
language and culture study programs during the fall semester at specific
language centers in Mali
(Bambara), Tanzania
(Swahili), Nigeria (Yoruba),
and South
Africa (Zulu).


For more information,
please visit, or contact us at or

Cook Chemistry Students Share Summer Research Experiences

Several undergraduate Chemistry and Biochemistry
majors held research internships over Summer 2010, and they’re sharing
their experiences in the Chemistry Department seminar.

On Friday, October 1, Nadia Szymanski and James Zewe will talk to
students and faculty of the department about the research that they
carried out over the summer. A previous seminar, held September 10,
featured the projects of Deanna Belsky, Jonathan Henninger, and Jennifer

Each summer, Chemistry and Biochemistry majors apply for competitive
fellowships and internships at research companies, major research
universities and medical centers, and in national laboratories. These
positions allow our students to get firsthand experience in cutting-edge
research in chemistry, biochemistry, medicine, and physics.

In 2010, students completed research at
North Dakota University, Columbia University, Howard Hughes Medical
Institute, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, Princeton
University, Yale University, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative
Medicine, University of North Carolina, and Pitt University.