Practicing Text in After Effects

After Effects can be overwhelming and difficult to use. Sadly, there aren’t many reliable sources online to help you navigate this program; it requires trial and error. Here are a few tips to sharpen your skills in text in After Effects.

The first step is to open After Effects and make a new composition. Add a text box from the upper left corner and position it wherever you like. You can type anything you want and control the font and size on the far right. When you are done typing, click on the mouse tool on the upper left corner. Now you can increase the size or reposition the text.

At the bottom left of the screen, next to the time line, you can see the properties of the text layer. Here is where you can alter the transform properties. If you hit the stopwatch, you can time when it can come in or appear into view.

Here is where you can play around with the controls to get comfortable. Play around with the timeline to practice timing. You will see little blue diamonds on the timeline that you can move around or delete if needed.

Play around with different background and effects to make a story out of your word. You can play with the settings to customize your effects. This will help you get comfortable practicing in After Effects. What word would you animate?

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