Quick Edits in Adobe Bridge

When you hear about Adobe photo editing programs, most people don’t think about Adobe Bridge. Adobe Bridge doesn’t have the editing abilities Photoshop or Lightroom has, but it is a good program for basic or quick editing. Here are a few tips on quick photo edits in Adobe Bridge.

The first thing you can do when opening Bridge is importing your files. As with other programs, it is best to have your photos as RAW files. You can find your files easily through the program. Once you find the photos you want to use, you can organize them into folders, change the name of the file, and see the images information.

Once you organize your photos, you can open “camera raw” in the top left corner. When the photo is open in camera raw, you are faced with some controls. Here you can change the color, white balance, exposure, vibrance, saturation, texture, color curves, tones, calibration, and effects. You can crop and size the photo, including masks with different feathering and opacity controls. You can make changes via a brush, filter, and layer.

You can even reduce red eye and change presets in camera raw. You can customize how the controls appear and what they do. You can adjust several photos within camera raw to reduce going back and forth. Once you are done with the photos, you click the “save” button in the right upper corner. Here you can control the file type it will export as, where it will save, the file name, the image size, and the color space.

Once you have exported the file, you can click “done” to exit camera raw. Now you can get started using Adobe Bridge! It can help ease you into photo editing or help make quick edits. Have you heard of Adobe Bridge before?

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