Starting Your Own Podcast

There are a few things you need to know if you want to start your own podcast. The first thing you need is a specific topic that you are passionate about. An “anything goes” podcast is a go-to idea but following a certain topic will give you a loyal audience. If you’re passionate and interested in your topic, you won’t struggle to find things to talk about.

You need to make your own image for your podcast. This will be the cover photo for your channel and any social media. You will also need a profile picture to match your podcast theme.

You will need to create a YouTube channel and SoundCloud account, that’s where you will post the podcast. You will also need to create social media accounts to promote the podcast. Promoting on your social media and the podcast’s accounts is very important to make your podcast heard.

Creating a script for your episodes is your best friend, it will stop you from saying filler words and will keep you on track. Now you can start! What topic would you talk about? 

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