“Should I join WIUP-FM?”

With the Fall semester around the corner, a lot of people are wondering “should I join WIUP-FM?” Some students want to join the station on a show but don’t know how to and others don’t want to be on air. Whatever you want to do, the answer is absolutely! Any work done at WIUP-FM can be featured on your resume!

If a student wants to see the jobs of a DJ, they can ask to watch a DJ for one of their shifts. There are training sessions year-round and staff always available to answer questions. They can co-host a show with a friend if they choose to as well. The station gives the student an opportunity to apply what they have learned. The students can pick their own songs in their genre to show their individuality.

If a student doesn’t want to be on the air, there are plenty of behind the scenes jobs. There are a web team and music team, who help build and update the website and the music played. Students can become producers, who help the station run smoothly. There are more opportunities with the production team, promotions team, and underwriting team. There are different leadership positions available, with an application and an interview required.

Whether you want to be on air or help the station run smoothly, WIUP-FM is a good match for you! Will you join WIUP-FM this year?

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