Sharpening Your Audio Skills

As you progress through the Communication classes, it can be difficult to keep your previously learned skills sharp. There are plenty of side projects you can do over a period of time to keep your audio production skills sharp.

You can make a media history style audio project based on your favorite television show or movie. This will show off your audio scriptwriting skills, voice recording skills, and editing skills. You can mix in music from the piece you are talking about as well as audio clips to “show, not tell” your points. You can put it on your portfolio as well! I have made some based on The Golden Girls, I Love Lucy, J. M. Barrie, J. R. R. Tolkien, and Jane Austen so far.

You can make your own podcast! Okay, I know this seems like a lot. You can create it for your portfolio, strictly for practice, or out of a passion for your topic of choice. If you want to upload your podcast for listeners to find, try uploading on Soundcloud, YouTube, and Spotify. You can gain a lot of skills and have a lot of fun planning your podcast, picking your theme, and creating logos for it.

You can even make mock radio shows! Just record and follow a typical radio clock for 30 minutes or an hour. You can pick the style of music you want and have fun talking about it in between songs!

Making a few fun practice audio projects in your spare time is a great way to keep your skills sharp! What audio projects would you make?

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