This logo was created for my aunt after she sent me a rough sketch for what she had in mind. She gave me specifics on colors, then I enhanced her sketch to this 3D shield with her logo inside.

This logo was created for my brother-in-law who was starting a fitness and nutritional website. This logo was created using Adobe Illustrator. The splatter texture and cut-out of the man squatting was done using the pathfinder tool.

This is a simple fun design I did during my free time while following a tutorial online. A plain polygonal self-portrait.

My most recent work. A logo for a new CrossFit gym that has opened in my hometown of Saxonburg. The owner contacted me requested a simple yet effective logo for his new gym. The man holding the bar bell above his head symbolizes the “X” in Saxonburg. This simple variation between text and illustration helps pull the entire logo together.

This piece was part of a project I had to complete for an Art class during my junior year of college. The assignment required two objects, one inside of the other, and the concept was a visual X-Ray. For some odd reason I chose to put a brain inside of a computer mouse and by lowering each layers opacities I got the X-Ray effect.

This is a company logo I designed for my high-school basketball coach who started an off-season training academy. His basketball gym is located in Pittsburgh and considering the city is in the companies name, I tied together both aspects of the companies name and created a professional logo that he was happy with!

This logo was a high school idea I came up with, until I digitally created the logo for a college graphic design project. I was born and raised in a small town called “Saxonburg” so why wouldn’t a great restaurant in that area be named “Saxonburger”? This dream restaurant has not be pursued further.

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