My name is David Gallagher, and I’ve been studying the techniques of graphic design since high-school. I’ve developed an interest for motion graphics over time and I’d like to translate that passion into a sports media production career. My love for sports has been ingrained in me since I was young. I enjoy the competitiveness that each sport brings. I also like the entertainment feature each sport brings. The enthusiasm of fans for professional sports teams show as well as mothers, fathers, and siblings dedication to little league sports has grown my interest in creating graphics that will motivate fans for all ages and sports to be as excited as I am. I’m the youngest of three in my family, which taught me my competitiveness very early in life. I participated in every sport growing up until I found my main love was basketball. I was the high-school basketball team captain, and I was voted most artistic in my graduating senior class. So you can see where to two aspects of my career goals have developed.

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