Thursday June 15th, 2017

Do you ever feel lost at work?  Bored? Do you ever wonder what you could be doing?

This past week at work I’ve felt like I’ve had nothing to do at work. I’ve come home grumpy and tired. I just didn’t enjoy my internship this week as much as I have. Usually the days fly by and I’m constantly creating something new. Not this week. This week I found myself wonder what I could do next, blanking for new ideas and completely unproductive. Until today, Thursday June 15th, 2017. Today I felt productive for the first time this week. Took me four days to figure things out but I had had a good day. As I was driving home from work I was thinking about what made today different from the past three days I’ve had. Monday through Wednesday were horrible to me.

I thought to myself, was I looking forward to something coming up this weekend? (Which I was) Was I becoming uninterested with my internship and content I was responsible for at work? (No, I absolutely love what I’m doing and I’m so invested in this internship) Was something happening at work that was subliminal yet different? (Yes, my original internship supervisor was leaving and this week was my transition week into a brand new internship supervisor.)

So all these thoughts were running through my head. Because of this I was able to pin point why I had such a bad week and I was also to figure out the factor that turned my week around today! Every employee at any job is going to have a rough week at some point. This will happen several times to everyone throughout the work year. Things will come up in peoples lives outside of work that effect them during the day. Coworkers will be looking towards thier weekend planned ahead instead of their work at hand. This stuff happens and it’s apart of the office atmosphere.

The keys to controlling/fixing these days are fairly simple once you get past the negativity in your day. I emphasize the controlling/fixing the part of these bad days at work because they are not always 100% preventable. They always happen for several different reasons.

The solutions that I find helpful include:

  1. Get a light workout in the morning before work. (This wakes you up and to some surprise, energizes you for th rest of the day! Instead of making you more tired)
  2. If you don’t normal eat a healthy breakfast and lunch. (Sometimes eating out for lunch during work is the easiest thing, but overtime can make you sluggish and moody.)
  3. As hard as it may be, do something completely different at work. (This gives you another kick to start the work day. Doing something new and different will remind you of your love for your job)

I used these three simple steps Wednesday night into Thurday morning and ended up having a fantastic day today. The steps above are the reason why I think I had a more pleasent day at work compared to earlier in the week.

Now you’ll never be lost or bored at work. You’ll always be able to:



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