Wednesday June 14th, 2017

What is your style?

Finding a style can be difficult at times. Once you find your style it’s easy to settle and always fall back onto that style. The challenge is to find a style, solidify your style, and expand upon it. That’s how you grow as a designer. It takes time to find a specific style. I personally haven’t found my style yet. I know certain ideas and techniques I like to use in my designs, but there is still so much more I can learn and develop as my own.

For me, my method and techniques are consistent strokes. I like clean straight lines in my designs. I don’t normally overlap assets on my page, and I like everything to fit perfectly. Because I’m still a young designer I think that where I’m at is alright. I can make effective pieces but I still have plenty of room to expand my creativity.

Developing and solidifying your style comes with time. You must create several pieces of work before you have some sort of style. How else would you know what you’re comfortable developing if it was your first time trying. So, developing a style takes time and it’s always changing! New ideas pop into our heads everyday. Experiences drive our styles as well.

I encourage everyone who’s designing and creating to think about their style. What is your comfort zone? Then, expand on that. Broaden your horizons of design and creativity. Above all…


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