Activision Thinks Gamers are Stupid

Remember in the last post I said that gaming companies will continue to find ways to get more money out of consumers? Well Activision did just that with their latest game publishing, Call of Duty: Black Ops IV. Activision has decided that their consumers will be dumb enough to pay $100 for a brand new game. […]

The Oddity That is Hideo Kojima

In the video game industry, there are superstar developers that have enough clout to call for excitement about a new game. Naughty Dog has Neil Druckmann, Gearbox had Randy Pitchford, and Konami Games used to have the enigmatic Hideo Kojima. Kojima is a creative genius. He was the creator of both the Metal Gear Solid and Silent […]

Sony and The Fortnite Scandal

Many of you may not be aware of Sony and their refusal to allow cross-play between any home consoles on the market. Allow me to explain what has occurred over the last five years. Sony has not been the best when it comes to granting what players want out of their PlayStation 4 console. These […]

Trump and Kim Rant

This is a departure away from what the blog has been thus far, but I felt the need to make a point about politics. Currently, we are in a time in all our lives where the U.S president is meeting with the North Korean dictator, Kim Jung Un. It should be exciting to see peace […]

What Got Me Into Gaming Journalism

With the multitudes of posts I have made about E3 this past week, I felt the need to explain why I enjoy writing about this very niche, yet, widely expanding medium. Back in 2013, I played a game called The Last of Us. It was a game that had zombie-like creatures and a post-apocalyptic setting in […]

So About That Square Enix Conference…

Square-Enix just had the worst E3 conference in some time. Yes, the games that they displayed have some degree of intrigue to them, however, most of them were not new. Just Cause 4 is the most exciting game of the bunch that was previewed. Yet, everything else was a very Japanese style trailer mash-up. I want to be […]

EA Bored Us Until Anthem

Another year, another EA E3 conference has gone by and I have to say I am not impressed. While yes, Anthem did assuage some of my fear about it being a Destiny clone, it has not given me anything to be excited about until I see more footage. Bioware needs this game to be a hit to […]