So About That Square Enix Conference…

Square-Enix just had the worst E3 conference in some time. Yes, the games that they displayed have some degree of intrigue to them, however, most of them were not new. Just Cause 4 is the most exciting game of the bunch that was previewed. Yet, everything else was a very Japanese style trailer mash-up. I want to be excited about this conference, but Square-Enix gave us no idea about what the new games entail and that lost a lot of points for me. Hopefully, the games are actually as interesting as they made them out to be in the 30-minute trailer-fest they displayed. Otherwise, I was not impressed at all by the conference. After so many years of game development, Square-Enix needs to step its game up. Otherwise, they might fade away, much like their old title Deep-Down did.

This is not a new problem with Square though. The company has a problem with meeting deadlines about games they announced way too early. For example, Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced five years ago. The game is a sequel to Kingdom Hearts 2 which came out 13 years ago. Final Fantasy XV released in 2016 after it was changed from being named Final Fantasy Versus XIII back when it was announced in 2006. The company needs to restructure its company if it wants to make these games at a more consistent rate, or partner with a larger company like Sony. Sony and Square Enix have been in close partnerships for over 20 years and it would make sense to become a developer for their Worldwide Studios instead of trying to develop and publish for themselves at the rate they do now. While third-party developers look more toward selling games on multiple consoles, they could do more with a partnership with Sony and not stick to their own guns and go it alone.

Square-Enix is a great developer, but they have many issues they need to fix if they don’t want to have problems in the very near future. Exclusivity is not dead, bringing their assets to Sony again would be a huge boon for both parties; perhaps all those titles they have in development might come out sooner than later if they do. What do you think Square-Enix should do to boost their game development? Do you think their conference was good or bad? Sound off in the comments below and contact me on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Medium.

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