So About That Square Enix Conference…

Square-Enix just kind of had the worst E3 conference in some time. Yes, the games that they displayed have some degree of intrigue to them, however, most of them were not new. Just Cause 4 is the most exciting game of the bunch that was previewed. Yet, everything else was a very Japanese style trailer mash-up. I want to be excited about this conference, I really do, but Square-Enix gave us no idea about what the new games entail and that lost a lot of points for me. Hopefully, the games are actually as interesting as they made them out to be in the 30-minute trailer-fest they displayed. Otherwise, I was not impressed at all by the conference. After so many years of game development, Square-Enix needs to step its game up. Otherwise, they might fade away, much like their old title Deep-Down did.

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