Welcome to the Blog!

My name is Desmond Brown, and I am a  journalism major and minor in communications media at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I like to report on a variety of things that grace the ever-changing front pages of internet media. Whether it be politics, that seems to be more entertaining than network television today, or video games, which have directed me into the field of journalism. My views will be very in-depth, and usually against the trends of today. I do not like to state views or headlines that everyone else tends to talk about, as I wish to give you a true look at all facets of the information. While yes I am young in both age and in the field, I would be remiss to not state the vote of confidence I have in many who have viewed and critique my work. I have a basic background in video editing, digital audio workstations, photo editing, audio production, coding, and recently have worked to include copy-editing in my repertoire of skills. If my skills are something are that interest in your line of work, I implore you to venture forth and view more of my content.