Do You want to pay for Youtube?

The YouTube app announced that they have launched a series of new tools for the app, after the announcement of Instagram’s “IGTV” and new video updates that Facebook has done. One of the biggest changes about the new tools, is that now YouTube users will have the option to pay a $4.99 monthly fee in order to have access to the new features. Those features include unique badges, new emoji, Members-only posts in the Community tab,access to unique custom perks offered by creators, exclusive live-streams, extra videos, and shout-outs. It seems like the major social media networks are starting to give users subscription options with additional features, but is it really a good idea to charge people for platforms that have been free?

I think that if new feautures are available for any social media platform, they should be made available to users for free. People aren’t going to be too happy about having to pay for a service that is already free, the updates should be free as well. The thought of having to pay might scare people away from whatever social media platform and may cause for people to stop using the platform so frequently since they are being charged for it now. Even though the social media platforms introduce the new tools/features as an option, They still are going to try to advertise for people to sign up for the monthly subscription. I also don’t think that this would be a very lucrative things for social media platforms because most regular everyday people are not going to be fans of paying for extra features on their social media. I think most people would not consider it necessary. A lot of people probably wouldn’t even have social media pages such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook if they had to pay a monthly fee for it, I sure wouldn’t.

Having free features is something that I would offer users because it would speak great about a brand, in this case social media platforms. Making features free for users would increase user loyalty and would differentiate a brand from the many other brands that exist. I would also try to start like a point system like credit cards do, but with a little twist. The more a user uses their social media page and post on to their page more often, the more points they can get and unlock new features and tools. I would do that instead of charging people a monthly fee.

What are some alternatives to a monthly subscription fee? let me know what you guys think?

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“IGTV” New Instagram App

The social media platform Instagram has decided to launch a new app, separate from Instagram called “IGTV”. This new app is intended to give users more time when recording videos and it will pretty much be like a video app targeted towards amateurs so that they upload their content. The only thing is that Instagram made an announcement stating that their target audience for this new app launch was a younger audience. Instagram  also stated that they really want to target younger people that grew up on TV, not so much the ones that didn’t. They believe that the younger generation is caught up on the new and the now and not so much in being professional, therefore when it comes to video making and amateur approach for IGTV is where they are headed. What Instagram is saying is true, but they are forgetting about everybody else that likes to make videos.

Considering that social media platforms are very relevant for people as a source of information and communicating with people of all ages, I don’t think that it would be a very smart move to just target a video making app to just younger people. I would assume that younger people can be more tech savvy and might have a larger interest in apps like IGTV, but making videos is for everyone and the app should be targeted to all audiences. Also, Instagram also stated that IGTV will allow for users to record up to ten minute Vlogs, then people can upload those ten minute videos onto their channel where other users can see the videos on the channel. Kind of like YouTube.

I think that if Instagram really wants this new app to be successful, then they need to broaden the demographic that they are trying to sell this app to. specially IGTV being similar to YouTube, it should not only be for younger people, it should be for all audiences like YouTube is. A good idea would be to maybe start off the app with just younger people being the audience then once the app starts trending then it should be advertised to older people.

If you were doing this launch, who would your target audience be?

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On June 15th Snapchat announced the launch of their new product called “SNAPKIT”. This new launch will allow people to connect to Snapchat and use the Snapchat tools outside of the actual Snapchat app itself. In other words people will be able to use Snapchat functions from other social media platforms. Snapchat has been working on making sure that Snapkit is very safe for Snapchat users. While people are using Snapkit other users will only be able to see the users bitmoji and username.

Snapkit is going to be beneficial for big brands because it will be an easy way to share their information to Snapchat, saving companies a lot of time. Unfortunately, as I stated earlier, Snapchat is working extra hard to make sure that the privacy for this new launch is up to date. They want to make sure that they don’t experience what Facebook had to experience when their data had been misused by third party developers. People don’t like for their information to be exposed for so many people to see. Being on the internet and having social media to some people can already be seen as being exposed in some type of way. Therefore, if there is a way for Snapkit to make their privacy settings much more strict to ensure their users privacy, they made it clear that was exactly what they intend to do.

I think that they should not allow for other, third party developers to have access to users information. They should only be allowed to see part of a users username and the bitmoji, that’s it.  What do you guys think? COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE!

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Influencer Marketing #2

Brands are beginning to take a stand against Influencer Marketing and the influencers that’s are not so trustworthy. Now on Instagram people have the ability to purchase followers, which is seen as being very untrustworthy by big name brand companies. The reason why they are bothered is because since the industry makes about one billion dollars a year, they want to ensure that their money is being well spent. They want to pay influencers that have real followers not bought ones. They have decided to not work with people that have bought followers because it takes away from the real possible engagement effect that the influencer is supposed to have with their followers, it has to be authentic. The company Unilever made an announcement basically saying that it is very unfortunate that they have to do this do to the small percentage of people that choose to lie about buying fake followers.

This really sets back the industry of Influencer marketing because a lot of social media influencers have gained a lot of their followers by buying them and they will no longer be able to be hired by large companies like Unilever. This makes it more difficult for people with fake followers to take advantage of these types of companies. Not to mention that people lying about how they gained their followers can cost large companies a lot of money because in the end the influencer doesn’t really influence people in the right way. That makes using an influencer as a form of selling your products and services not effective when the followers are not authentic.

The Companies standing up to this issue and refusing to pay people with fake followers is the first step to really making sure they aren’t being ripped out of their money. Most importantly being ripped out of their time and not having done any influencing what so ever.

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a form of advertisement that is becoming more and more popular. Big companies pay celebrities that are trending at the moment, to post pictures using the companies service or product. Celebrities will usually post their pictures through their social media platforms such Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. What’s great about this is that this makes it easier for people to quickly share their opinions.

The only problem with this is that in a way companies that are paying celebrities to do this, haven’t done their research because a lot of studies show that people are more influenced by the recommendations of their family and friends rather than celebrities that they see advertising different products. Therefore, all the money they are paying celebrities for this is really going down the drain because its not very effective and its not doing what is supposed to be doing, which is encouraging people to buy whatever it is they are selling.

Companies should try and advertise their products in a much more personable way for the consumer. They should think of different ways to get people to buy their products using the information that they already know. I would probably make the section in the store where the product or service is and make it very people friendly. For example, if I’m trying to sell handbags, the display at the store for the handbag would look very welcoming. It will probably have multiple sections where people can try on different bags and look at the different textures of different handbags. This way people will spread the word about your product from people they know that were in the store and got to try on the bags ect.

Let me know what you guys think?

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Facebook Bug

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms today, which is probably why their online privacy is always being attacked. Earlier this week Facebook reported that it identified a bug that switched the default post setting of fourteen million users to “public”. This hasn’t been the first time a similar incident occurs involving Facebook. The social media platform seems to be hackers #1 target. I guess the question now is how did this affect those fourteen million people and how is it going to Impact users in the future and how they connect and share on Facebook. I know me being a Facebook user I don’t like the idea of my settings being messed with nor my posts being shown to people that I don’t even know. Having your posts available for the public to see can be dangerous and a lot of peoples personal information can be exposed. I know that’s definitely one of my top concerns when things like this Facebook bug happen. I don’t like the idea of strangers seeing my location or my post.

people can show a significant amount of concern for the privacy bug, but the truth is that no matter what, the damage has already been done. Even if Facebook went in and fixed the privacy bug, the information of fourteen million people has already been exposed. The users loyalty to using the social media platform might change and users may begin to think that its unsafe to share information through that specific media platform. Both of those things are very damaging to any brand and its hard to gain users trust back after multiple incidents, which is the case with Facebook.

My solution to this problem would be to start a Ad campaign through the website reassuring users that Facebook is trying their hardest to work on recent privacy issues and that the number one concern is to secure their users information. I think that if Facebook communicates this to their users, that would be something that the users would look at in a good way and would make users feel more at ease since their problem is being acknowledged and the company is doing something about it. Most importantly Facebook should not forget to apologize to their users for the incident. I think that an apology goes a long way and as I stated before the fact that the company is apologizing and ensuring users that the problem is being taken care of, users will appreciate that a lot.

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The GOOD and the BAD about having a comm degree

Having a degree in communications can be very rewarding and at the same time it can be a curse. A lot of my friends always tell me that majoring in comm was a bad choice when I was a freshman because the whole major was BS.  I’ve always disagreed, I think that if you have a passion for something in the field, you should definitely pursue it, whatever it is. Whether it’s photography, videography ect.   I think a comm degree is not BS and is as good of a degree as a degree in any other subject.

I also think that communication in general is a very broad subject and that’s probably the cause for people believing that the major has no foundation. That’s not at all true, some people have specific interests like audio recording, videography and  as I mentioned earlier photography amongst many other concentrations you can choose to focus your career on. One of my best friends for example,  who graduated from IUP with a Comm degree, when she attended IUP she focused on photography because that was something she truly enjoyed and had a passion for. Therefore, its not that Communications doesn’t have a foundation, its just very broad and people can choose between many different things to focus on which I think is a plus. Having a wide range of options as far as what you will be doing in your career can be very beneficial for people that aren’t too sure on what they really want to do career wise. Some people might see this as a bad thing; not having one specific, overall topic to focus their attention on when it come to their degree. Others might not want to be bothered with it and think that it is too overwhelming to have so many different career paths to choose from.

A way that people can get over this Comm media major stigma is by actually doing some research on the topic and major itself before jumping to conclusions. Having a lot of choices might overwhelm some people, but it can be extremely rewarding for others. As long as people know this, I think can help people not think that Communications media is a major not worth going to college for.  encouraging students to do research and educate others on their knowledge related to Communications would be something that I would do to help break the stigma.

Now for all of my communications media majors out there what struggles did you have going into your major and what were your initial career interest? I would love to hear what you guys have to say!


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Hello Beautiful Skin

It’s All About Your Skin Care Routine

Wanting to Look beautiful and having a healthy appearance is something that I would say most of us have in common. Whether you want to have flawless looking skin or you want to have bouncy, full and flowing hair. It all comes down to having a routine and the right products in hand. You can have your dream skin and a healthy appearance, it all starts with you.

Yes, it does seem simple, but a lot of people cant seem to find the motivation to start a routine or cant seem to maintain their motivation to in the end create a good routine for themselves, that in turn fits in to their personal lives and gives them great looking skin. Most people struggle with not having enough time because of work, others have kids, and some are just bombarded with so many daily activities that they just cannot seem to find the right time. I know from personal experience that working and trying to follow any other type of routine can be very challenging. Especially after work when people come home and are very tired and just want to lay in bed, eat chips, and watch their favorite TV show. It can also be very challenging to establish a healthy appearance routine if you have kids. A lot of my friends have kids and I see how hard it is to do simple everyday things such as cooking, going to the store and much more. I definitely understand the struggle, but there are alternatives that we will discuss here.

To establish a skin care routine, you should first do some research on what skin care products you would like to try out depending on your skin concerns, such as acne, dry skin, dullness, redness ect. you can also start by taking a look at the products I talk about below and see if any of them spark your interest. once you have an idea of what products you would like to use you can try to establish a time every day to use the products. If you work you can try to incorporate using the products in the morning before work, or after work before bed. Always think about your end goal and results if you need a little motivation.

Below are my reviews on different skin and makeup products that would do wonders for your skin, which one would you try out? I would love to know! please COMMENT, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE.

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The best way to maintain your skin looking flawless and acne free is by taking care of it and of course pampering it. First of you have to find a really good exfoliator and/or cleanser. One of my favorites is from the “Philosophy” brand and it’s called purity. It’s a very gentle cleanser and gets deep down into your pores to remove excess dirt, impurities and most importantly makeup. As far as exfoliators go the brand “Clinique” has an exfoliating scrub which is great when it comes to removing dead skin cells from your skin that can cause your skin to look dull. The best part about it is that is specially formulated for oily and combination skin types which are much more prone to acne blemishes. I usually go to my local Sephora, but you can actually get the same products at Ulta sometimes for less :).

Toning Fun, Toning Fun, Toning Fun

Now after cleansing or exfoliating you have to follow with a hypoallergenic toner. A toner works to really get down into your pores to lift impurities and to give your face a calming sensation from congested pores. Toning your skin also helps keep a good balance on the skin and prevents your skin from producing excess sebum. A step you definitely should not skip. one of my favorite toners is a drug store brand “Clean & Clear” Deep Cleaning toner for sensitive skin. Its under ten dollars and you can get it from your local drug store. If you’re looking for a more high end toner a great one is from “Kiehl’s” Calendular herbal extract alcohol free toner. This product does wonders calming redness of the skin and controlling oil, would highly recommend.

I Love Moisturizer

Moisturizing your face after toning is extremely necessary in order to maintain your skins elasticity and to prevent wrinkles. Not to mention, it hydrates your skin leaving it very soft and energized. My favorite moisturizer is from “Clinique”. If you haven’t noticed I love the brand Clinique because the products really improve the overall quality of your skin. This moisturizer is called Dramatically different moisturizing lotion. It is very hydrating and leaves your skin looking flawless. You can even use it as a makeup primer under your makeup on days when you’re in a rush. Something I’ve learned recently is that you can also use organic cold pressed all natural coconut oil to moisturize your face and to remove makeup!. Coconut oil is so thin that it really penetrates into your pores to give you the moisture you so crave. It’s an antibacterial oil, therefore it works killing acne causing bacteria on your skin. It’s a great alternative, my favorite brand is from Trader Joes.


For a long time I did not believe in primers, but after using “Smashbox” Photo finish pore minimizing primer I became a believer. Making sure that you use a primer before applying makeup like foundation, powders and concealers is really important because it creates a smooth canvas for makeup to be able to glide right onto your face and give you that full coverage look with no imperfections. Primers make your makeup look amazing and make it last longer too.

Foundation and concealer

My favorite part of the routine has to be this one. My all time favorite foundation is by Josie Maran “Vibrancy”. Its a great foundation if you have acne scars, this foundation would do a great job covering those up. Makes your face look energized and awake when you apply with or without primer. As far as concealer goes I’m currently obsessed with Tarte’s shape tape concealer. Its amazing for covering up under eye bags and when you get it a tone or two darker than your skin tone it does wonders covering up imperfections from acne blemishes.

Powder and Setting spray

The last two steps to your best skin yet are these two holy grails. I cannot live without these two products. Currently Obsessing over Almay’s loose setting powder in medium. This powder works great, setting your foundation and concealer flawlessly for way less touch ups throughout the day.

The setting spray I’m currently crazy for is Mario Badesku’s Rose water. Rose water not only sets your makeup perfectly giving you flawless dewy looking skin, but its so beneficial for your skin it has nutrients that calm congestion and inflammation on your skin. You can even use it throughout the day to keep your makeup looking fresh all day.






Social Media Sites Have Unreal Expectations

The Perfect Selfie 


As we all may have heard through many social media sites or through mass media, Social Media has become a very important communication outlet. People all around the world are jumping on the social media bandwagon. Some of the most popular sites are made up of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Slowly, but shortly we have all become very dependent on these sites to the point  where these sites no longer are just a form of entertainment and communicating with other people. Social media sites are now affecting social media users self esteem and users overall sense of self value. The dependency  that we as a society are developing over these sites is growing and not for the better. On sites like Instagram there are a lot of what you call “Instagram models” who post flawless, beautiful pictures. Those pictures are then liked by so many people that they start to trend on the popular page and people all around the world idealize these perfect photos that they will never come close to imitating what so ever.

That’s the problem, regular everyday individuals are not perfect and do not look like those photos on Instagram which makes people have unrealistic expectations on what their physical appearance should be. This problem is even much more worse amongst women. Women in the media are already portrayed very negatively  and these post of sexualized beautiful perfect women do  not help. Not to mention that the photos are Extremely sexualized and that makes women using these social sites want to imitate the  over sexuality that they see in the images on Instagram. When women realize that they would never be able to be as perfect as the women in the pictures that’s when low self esteem starts to become a problem.

There are many ways in which we can make this better not only for women, but for every one using social media sites. The only problem is that its very hard to convince people that they don’t have to imitate images from Instagram or Facebook. People are going to follow the crowd and if looking like an Instagram model is what’s trending now a days then that’s what people are going to do. Another problem with trying to solve this issue is that people hate to feel left out and would do almost anything just to fit in with a group of people. I think that’s one of the biggest obstacles to solving this problem, peoples fear of being excluded and peoples need of belonging to a social group. Despite that, as a society we can still work on things to resolve the problem little by little. We can start by posting pictures of our true selves and encouraging others to do the same. Posting true pictures of ourselves will allow others to feel much more comfortable in their own skin don’t you think ?

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Video Editing

Video Editing

Something in Communications media that I have always been interested in has been video editing. Growing up I always knew I wanted to work behind the scenes of television shows, Movies ect. When I was in High school I did gain experience editing raw footage for my high school senior project where we had to record a commercial related to a teen issue during that time. Going out actually shooting the commercial was really fun. The commercial was about teenage pregnancy and ways to prevent it. The video editing software that I learned how to use in my career technical television production class was Final Cut Pro. My teacher tried to teach us how to use Adobe Premiere, but I’ve always preferred Final Cut Pro because you can edit material on the same level as Adobe premiere its just much more simple its kind of like a iPhone versus android type of thing.

Using Adobe is much more complex. which is why I feel like it would have been much better if both software’s were introduced to me since the beginning of the class. Once I was familiar with Final Cut Pro I was not very open to using or leaning how to use any other editing software because it can really impact the results of your work. You might not know how to do different functions on the other software that you’re learning, but know how to do it perfectly in the one you learned how to use first. Therefore, it can really reflect badly on the quality of your editing work. What really drove me to continue to test out and learn Adobe was the fact that in the field of communication things are constantly changing. You have to be flexible and open to learning new things so that you are always up to date and using the best software for your work. Maintaining an open mind about this will make change much easier in this field.

Let me know which editing software you find the most helpful?


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