Month: October 2016

My Technology History

I was born in a remote village of Bangladesh which is a developing country where the technological advancement is still not at its highest. Though it might sound unbelievable, the first time I saw a computer was in my school in my sixth grade. Our school bought two computers and our class teacher took us to the Office to show it. With a great wonder, I was looking at those computers without knowing the fact that these machines will be a part and parcel of my life. Our teacher showed us how the computer could print a written document. To me it seemed like a magic.

Anyway. after completing my tenth grade, I went to visit my youngest uncle’s house where there was a telephone (analogue) set. That was the first time I saw a telephone set from a very close distance. While staying there, once I I received a call and to my utter surprise, I discovered that I could listen to someone’s voice who is far from me. It astonished me that he was listening to me and answering my questions. I was taken aback.

When I completed my 12th grade and moved to the capital for going to College, I moved into a small apartment with some other students one of who had a cell phone. I used to write letters to my mother and father. However since my roommate had a cell phone, I gave his number to my parents so that they could call me in an emergency situation because letters used to take a long time to reach. I was thinking to buy a cell phone but it was pretty expensive for me at that time. So, I started to save some money with a view to purchasing a cell phone. Then one I and my friend went to buy a cell phone and bought a “Samsung” mobile set  which was only for talking and sending text messages. The mobile set did not have any more options like using the internet but I was extremely happy to have a cell phone of my own. It was like a dream come true for me. I was filled with joy that I have a mobile set which was sign of rich people in my country at that time. Having a mobile set gave me sense of superiority because not many people had mobile set in those days.

While doing my MA in ELT (English Language Teaching), our teacher told us to submit assignments which should be typed in computer and printed on pages. Till then, I did not have a computer. So, I was in need of buying one. Again, as a student, it was expensive for me at that time. However, my elder brother named Mridul Maharaj came forward to extend a helping hand towards me. With his monetary help, I was able to buy a computer. When it was brought to my place, I had a feeling of joy and ownership. I was very excited a have a computer of my own. Then, I could tell my friends that I have a computer. Of course, the computer came a great use for my study.

Now, I have a smart phone and  Macbook but the joy that I had after buying those for the first time long ago back home is still incomparable.