Chapter 1: The Wager of the Century

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Part 1:

The Wager of the Century 

Our story begins simply enough, as two shapeless beings watch the conclusion of the Tournament of Power from a void outside of the known dimensions. The two beings (blue and pink respectively) are known as Min and Ove. They are the guardians, organizers, and destroyers of all of known existence and its many dimensions. We join them in the Nethium, an ever expanding void which houses all of the various universes.

“Did you see that Ove?!”  Min yelled in utter shock and excitement as the T.O.P. comes to a close.

“Yes, I did Min, it was quite a spectacle, but not unpredictable. Goku and the rest of Universe 7 have a habit of pulling those types of wins out of thei-” Ove is cut off by Min .

“You are always such a downer you know that Ove.”

“All I am saying is that No matter what the situation or Opponent is Goku & co. will always win.” Ove Boasted.

“Oh really?” Min asked with a devilish smile.

“Yes, I would even bet two of my dominions on it.”

“So, If I am understanding this correctly… You are willing to bet two of your own dominions, on your belief that Goku and the whole of the Dragon Ball Verse can beat any other of the Verses we have?”

“Precisely.” Ove said.

Min’s grin grew wider and more malevolent “Then I propose that we have a tournament. Iwill choose four of our strongest Verses to compete in a free for all tournament with your Precious Dragon Ball Verse.”

“And what pray tell, are these Universes going to be.”

“Well, I’m glad you asked. I was thinking Marvel, DC, AniVerse, and The G Verse. Those aren’t too tough for you are they?”

“Please, it will be a breeze for them. However, we will need rules for this Tournament and a name.” Ove said confidently.

“We can use an abbreviated version of the T.O.P. rules. And how about we call it the Omniversal Tournament.”

“That will work and for the rules I think this should cover them.”

(Insert Rules Here)

Min curiously looked over the rules, “Hmm I’ll make a few adjustments for a few special fighter that I have in mind. Aside from that I believe we are ready to start recruiting!”



Jojo Narrator

And with that, The two near omniversal beings summoned their faithful servant to their quarters. In a near Instant, a well dressed gentleman in his late seventies appeared and knelt before them. This man is Walter, a multidimensional being capable of splitting himself across both time and space while retaining both his sanity and insane power. He is the third  strongest of their five servants.




Walter: You summoned me my Lord and Lady.

Ove: Yes, we have a task for you. We need you to collect these five beings from their respective Verses and bring them here.

Walter gasped in surprise: My Lady, I would be honored to collect these beings. However, I need to know whether this is business, pleasure or Execution. This is simply so I understand how much force is required to bring them here.

Min giggled at the thought of Execution: Consider this to be mainly business, with a side of pleasure.

Walter now standing up: Then consider it done. I shall have them within the hour.




Jojo Narrator

Walter split himself into five perfect copies of himself and vanished. He was now travelling as a form of pure energy through the Nethium and went through five different portals. The first of which was portal to a dark and dreary city. Enter Gotham City: Home to mentally insane criminals and it’s stalwart Guardian Batman.



Walter glided across the city’s skylines and landed on the roof of the Ace Chemicals factory, and began to scan the horizon.

Walter: Hmm, Did I arrive to early? I could have sworn that they should have been here by now.

Walter looks down at his watch and snickers: Oh, Silly me! My watch is five minutes fast. Which means…

Walter began walking towards the edge of the roof and stuck his arm out. At that exact moment a massive explosion erupted from the front door of Ace Chemicals and like a bat out of hell two men came flying out of the fire.

Joker: Atta boy Firefly! Bats will never catch up to us now that the Batwing is toast. Now get to the roof!

Firefly: As long as we can keep burning stuff I’ll go wherever ya want Joker.

As the two maniacs flew up they were suddenly stopped as Walter grabbed FireFly’s jetpack. The sudden stop sent Joker flying and just as he was about to come crashing down into the roof Walter caught him with his other hand.

Joker: Hey, what gives who the hell are you?

Walter: I am simply a butler doing his Job. You, however are criminals in need of adequate punishment.

He disintegrated FireFly’s jetpack and slammed both villain’s heads together knocking them out. Ropes and cuffs then materialized binding the two together.

Walter: Was that not enough of display to draw you out? I mean no harm to you or the citizens of this city.

Walter looks around seeing nothing. He then places his hands behind his back.

Walter: Or perhaps you need a bit of encouragement.

A blue aura appeared around the legs of the water tower that Batman was using as cover.

Batman, now leaving his cover cautiously approached Walter: Alright you have my attention.

Walter: Again, I mean you no harm.

Batman: Plenty of others have claimed the same. I’m going to ask this once what are you and why are you on my world?

Walter smirked at the Dark Knight’s deductive skills: So you already figured out that I am not of this dimension? You truly are as skilled as your dossier says. To answer your question, my name is Walter. I am a servant of Lord Min and Lady Ove, two immensely powerful Omniversal beings. They have requested that I being you and 4 other beings from other realms to their court to assist them with a dilemma. And I do hope that you understand that this is non-negotiable I must return with you in tow. One way or another.

Batman pondered his situation for a moment before coming to a conclusion: Fine, I’ll go with you but let m-

Walter: I have already notified local law enforcement of our current location. Now, if you don’t mind we should be going. I promised I would be back in less than an hour.




JoJo Narrator

With Batman in tow Walter quickly warped back to the Nethium. But in another Verse the conversation did not go as smoothly.

End Part 1


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