New Content on The GameWave Channel

So, it took a bit longer than expected but we have finally created a new set of content for the channel!!! The first is Metablade’s Halo Walkthrough. A long play series where Metablade run through the gauntlet that is every single Halo game. From the primary 1-5, to Reach and even ODST! You can start watch from his playlist right now:

The Second series is Elysiium’s Persona 3: FES playthrough. In this, Tyler gets to play the one game in his favorite series that he missed when it came out. You can catch this on Wednesdays and Saturdays every week on the channel. Here’s the first episode:¬†

Lastly we are starting a Podcast on the channel called the Otaku Wave Podcast. A podcast that will cover all of the most important topics in the anime community. From the Sub vs. Dub war to live action anime movies, we will cover it all. The first episode will be out next Sunday.

GameWave Channel:

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