Interviews, we see them on every single news platform almost daily. Whether its some random person on the news or it’s the president of the United states it’s a huge part of the news we can’t deny that. This goes the same with sports reporting interviews give us a better picture of what’s going on in the wonderful world of sports. But like all forms of the media sports reports come in all different forms. In this blog I want to focus on a few different types and some tips on how to perfect each of them.

The first and probably most common in the world of sports media is the post-game interview. Reporters going up to athlete after a game is a staple in the world of sports. But how do you make the post-game interview stick out from the rest? Well the first major key is to focus on both sides. No need to focus on just the winning team tell both sides of the story.

Now that were looking at the two sides of the story when need to look at some questions that we should ask. Now the questions will vary for both sides. Obviously for the winning team you want to learn everything you can about how they won the game or contest. Now going with the losing side is a bit trickier. You want to get the most out of the person you’re interviewing but at the same time you to try not to offend. Everyone hates to lose so you can’t imagine the person you’re speaking to is too happy you need to realize this and ask much more laid back questions. Try not to pressure them or he interview may end abruptly.

Now that we’ve looked at the post-game interviews we have to look at of course the face to face interviews. This interview is usually a much more prestigious interview and requires more preparation and lucky for you this interview will be announced in advance and you’ll be able to get ready for it. You need to learn everything there is to know about the person you’re interviewing. You don’t want to go in there blindsided and you need to be interactive with them. Lear about the person, talk about their family, what they do outside of sports and how they are as a person.

Another huge advantage and important aspect of an interview that is planned beforehand is you get to pick the questions that you ask. You need to look at the person as a whole. You need to remember this, youre trying to show the world what type of person this man or woman is outside of sports. What are they like at home? Why did they get into sports? What drives them? These are a few questions that can help you to get things started when face to face with an athlete.

The last thing to remember when it comes to these interviews is DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED. These are people just like me and you. There is no need for you to get worked up over anything. Some of the greatest reporters on earth have said that a major key to interviews is to just go at it and to show no fear.

Do you think you would have what it take to interview you’re favorite athlete? What would be some things you could do to prevent yourself from becoming nervous? Comment and subscribe below and stay up with my daily blog posts and remember, Keep asking questions and keep reporting!

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