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Tana-shay Newton
Dedicated and motivated undergraduate seeking a stimulating and challenging environment, to utilize my abilities obtain from a tutor, clerical work, and proven hardworking skills in a refectory, and to learn more by working in a professional environment.

7249 Calvin rd, Upper Darby, United States

Indiana University of Pennsylvania
08/2015 – 05/2020
Indiana, Pa
American Language Institute
03/2017 – 10/2017
Indiana, Pa
Taught foreign exchange students English
Llanerch Country Club and Rustic Lodge
10/2017 – 05/2019
Havertown, Pa,
Indiana, Pa
Worked as a banquet and brunch server
Special Needs Aids
Radnor Day Camp
06/2019 – 08/2019
Radnor Township
Worked with a child that has down syndrome
Stay N’ Play
09/2019 – 11/2019
Indiana, Pa
Worked with a child from newborn to five years of age
Literary and Cultural Writing
Public speaking
Blog – Personal Development through the lens Relational Aggression (10/2019 – 05 / 2020)
Share experiences and counsel
Douglas Debate Society (10/2015 – 05/2019)
Latino Student Organization (10/2015 – 10/2018)
French Club (10/2018 – 05/2019)
Vice President
Native or Bilingual Proficiency
Limited Working Proficiency
Analyzing literary works (film)


This blog is about issues that affect my daily life and the ways in which I can help the average person.

Relational Aggression

This is a form of bullying but happens among women. It includes spreading gossip, silent treatment, and rumors email.

Characteristics of Relational Aggression

A woman goes through this if she is directly targeted and shouted at.

Being humiliated in front of colleagues

Blamed for incidents that were never done by you

Isolated and shut out of social circles


These behaviors in the work environment can be stressful. It might bring you back to high school memories of being bullied by the mean girls. Woman -on-Woman bullying can take a toll on you. Even though it is seen as middle school behavior and managers may say it will work itself out and the person affected by such abuse and should get over it. Will relational aggression works itself out? What support system is put in place of the work environment to assist such victims?

Companies need to look into interventions put in place to help such victims of relational aggression.


Sticking up for yourself, do not allow superiors and co-workers to treat you as if you were a doormat. Respectfully, let them know that such behaviors will not be tolerated. Gathering information on incidences and report the perpetrator to human resources.


Hello there,

I’m Tana-shay, I hail from the tiny island known as “the land of wood and water.” This country has molded me and shaped me into the individual I am here today. Later on, I moved to the United States and created my own footprint path to achieve my goals. i.e graduating high school with honors and off to earning a college degree in English. During this journey, I have faced obstacles that many have faced and overcome. Unfortunately, I struggled to go over the hurdles smoothly due to depression. I remind myself the race is not for the swift but for those who endure till the end. Even though this mental issue burdens me, but I have managed to hold on and shoot for the stars.

My goal with this blog is to teach and inform those around me of the unknown. The idea was based on a school project. The decision to carry the torch into my professional and personal life will reveal the eye in the storm. What do I mean by this? The situation that I have faced. Example: relational aggression- this is bullying within the work environment. In my blog, I will go in-depth. I want to share issues that have crippled me and teachings that have kept me afloat. I want this blog to help others who have suffered and bring them to the side of healing.