Mandarin Chinese Learning is A Must– by Governors of Utah and Delaware

by Jack Markell (Governor of Delaware) and Gary Herbert (Governor of Utah)

Oct. 25, 2016, at 7:00 a.m.

America’s economic growth is inextricably tied to the strength of its bilateral trade and investment relationships around the world, but we will fall short of achieving our full economic potential if we fail to prepare the next generation to manage those relationships.

Tomorrow’s leaders must be able to compete, work and thrive in a globalized world with diverse, multilingual consumers and economies in which China and the U.S. will continue to be major players. By offering American students early education opportunities to learn Mandarin, we can prepare them for careers in a world and workplace in which our country’s bilateral ties play a consequential role.

We are encouraged by the growing number of American students who have begun learning Mandarin in school in recent years. The U.S. Department of Education reported that after Spanish, Mandarin was the most popular dual-language education program implemented by individual states in 2013.

Still, we have a lot of ground to make up if we are to equip our students with the necessary language tools to engage with the world’s second-largest economy. While China boasts more than 300 million English-language learners, there are only 200,000 K-12 Mandarin language learners here in the U.S. Further, English classes are mandatory for Chinese K-12 students, but less than 0.4 percent of American K-12 students are currently studying Mandarin.


Type Chinese characters (Hanzi) on Computers

Pinyin, the alphabetical system used for helping people to learn the Chinese language, consists 26 alphabetical letters, except v, which allows us to use the standard QWERTY keyboard to input Chinese characters.

There is a special letter in Pinyin, ü, which does not exist in English writing and the standard keyboard. To type ü, use v on the standard keyboard.

Learn more about Pinyin from

Option 1:  Type online:

Comment: Work on any computer, NO need for downloading, but need the internet connection

Option 2: Change settings on your computer:

Comment: No need for downloading

For PC,  refer to the tutorial at

For MAC, refer to the tutorial at

Option 3: Download Google Pinyin (on PC)

Comment: only work on Windows system.

China from above

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