Reward of Charity

Have you ever wondered, why would I give someone my hard-earned money? What makes me responsible? What if I need this money later? What will I get in return?

Let me first say that you have all the rights to think so. Also, let me please help you in answering these questions. I think the last question will answer all previous ones: what will I get in return?

First of all, thank you for asking yourself that question because that shows that you are half way there to giving charity. Apparently, you don’t refuse but are just over thinking it.

Charity’s reward is extraordinary. The feeling that you will have after helping someone in need exceeds their feelings of happiness and joy. You as a donor will feel something that goes beyond happiness and joy.  It is called self-satisfaction. Your hard and strict voices that you always hear criticizing you and your actions will not be heard this time. You will suddenly feel that you are even happier than the people you helped.

In fact, the people you donate to will help you to build a better self-confidence that you are important and that you are active in the community you live in. At that moment of giving, you will realize what sacrifice means and how awesome it really feels.

What if you knew that your charity went to no one but weak innocent children that commit no fault, but they are being punished for the politicians’ mistakes and greed. This punishment has a great negative influence in their lives and causes them tremendous grief.  However, your action could make their day and draw a smile on their faces. This goes beyond nothing but a $ 10charity donation at a Toys-R-Us store to buy one of them a small present.

Thank you for giving time to read this blog, and I’m sure that your kind soul will lead you to the right decision.

Let’s bring Syrian children joy!

Why Toys?

I am sure that when people hear about this campaign they will directly ask why is it toys and not food, water, education…etc, I know that children in refugees’ camps need a lot. However, this campaign aims to afford what a lot of organizations and people forget when it comes to a crisis like this. There are a lot of charitable agencies and governmental efforts that are thankfully focusing in nutrition, health and education. Meanwhile, another important life aspect is always neglected; it is joy and happiness.

Actually, creating joy through toys and playing is not a luxurious thing to think of. It is necessary because it practically helps the purpose of education. Imagination through playing is essential for all children’s mental development. Providing them with toys will help promote their thinking and communicating skills.

Many of these children have seen the torture and killing of some of their family members. Those kids lived a frightening moment under the fire and explosions. They faced REAL danger and threats. Syrian children have seen their parents in their weakest moments. Syrian children have lived in a fast, dramatically changing life, from prosperity to poverty and from security to insecurity. Toys will hopefully help to gradually alleviate those bad memories of the war.

Syrian children flee their country and leave their homes with nothing, literally nothing but their memories that totally differ from their reality at the camps of refugees. Don’t you think it is fair enough to help them to forget for some time their severe situation and remember that they are just like all children around the world? Imagine that happened to your kids; wouldn’t you be happy if they got something that they really liked and you got to see a true smile on their faces?