Crossing The Line As A Coach: Interacting With Referees

Ahh, referees and coaches, for many people these two groups appear to be natural enemies. However, there is no reason that these two parties can’t interact with each other in a respectful and positive manner. Yes, sometimes referees make a bad call, and it’s human nature to want to yell at them or call them names, but that’s not helping anything. All it’s doing is setting a bad example for your players and telling them that this behavior is OK. Remember, as a coach you are expected to be a role model for your players, especially if you are coaching younger children. It is important as a coach not to underestimate how great of an impact your actions and words can have on your players. Instead of getting mad when a referee in your opinion does miss a call, focus on getting your team back on track, they’re probably just as upset as you are, and it’s your job as a leader and role model to show them that they can move past it. If you’re still busy focusing on the referee you will not able to help them, and  all that you’re doing is setting a bad example and letting them know that this behavior is a natural reaction. Be progressive in these situations, not reactive.


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