Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a pretty common place to vacation during the summer months. While most people love soaking up the sun in the sand, I like to look for activities and things to do to make memories. I’ve been to this beach multiple times and here are some of my favorite places to go every time I visit that you should check out as well.

The best place to grab a bite to eat, or a drink if you are of age is Sharkey’s.  It’s right on the beach so you have a beautiful view while dining. Or if you are looking for something more adventures…

Check out Myrtle Beach Watersports. This is a tour on a jet ski that takes you through the intercoastal waterways out into the ocean! It’s a mix of calming waters and adrenaline pumping waves that kick you in the air in the ocean. And the best part? You go right over where dolphins are known to swim! We saw plenty of dolphins right below our jet skis. A memory I will never forget.


Dead Man’s Hollow

Dead Man’s Hollow is a perfect place to visit for the upcoming autumn season. It consists of old abandoned buildings and train tracks, and hiking trails along the Youghiogheny river that branch off into scenic trails that run through the woods.

After walking along The Great Allegheny Passage, a trail along the river that runs from McKeesport PA to Boston PA. About halfway through the trail you’ll run into Dead Man’s Hollow. This site was used as a quarry and then a pipe factory, so within a few steps off the main trail, you’ll see many giant holes in the ground along with an abandoned building. There is a lot of history and myths within Dead Man’s Hollow.  A devastating fire destroyed the building to what we see today in the 1920s. Ever since then the wildlife has grown around it. It doesn’t end there. Years before the fire, a group of teenage boys explored the building and found a man who hung himself, which gives us the name we use today. Legend says you can still hear voices, see shadowy figures, and smell strange odors.

Perfect for a nice walk along the river, or a terrifying exploration if you’re brave enough.

Siesta Key

On the gulf coast of Florida, south of St. Petersburg, is the #1 beach in the country. Siesta Beach is located in Sarasota Florida. I was lucky enough to visit here only because my brother is lucky enough to live 20 minutes away.

Does it deserve the title? Siesta Beach is definitely the most aesthetic beach I’ve been to. The sand is white and the water is blue. There are many bars, restaurants and shops right across the street from the beach. My favorite being ‘Captain Curt’s Crab & Oyster Bar.

It definitely is worth the visit if you are in the area.