NF Is Not Afraid. Are You?

Nathan John Feuerstein. Have you heard of him?

At this point in time, your answer is probably no, or you could, who knows. You might know this person by their stage name, NF.

That’s right. Today we are focusing on NF. I’m most excited to write this one because his songs are truly coming from a place that has once hurt him the most and I love the fact that he is willing to share those parts of his life with his friends.

NF is probably most known for his songs “Lie” and “Let You Down” which both were released in 2017 but I feel like they didn’t get much attention until 2018. You can always correct me if I’m wrong in the comments down below.

Anyways, NF is a 27-year-old from Gladwin, Michigan who has been compared to Eminem since the start of his career. Which makes sense because fun fact, that’s all NF listened to for I kid you not, 12 straight years. To me, that’s impressive and some serious dedication. I guess what also surprises me and is something that I didn’t even know, is that his music is considered Christian Hip Hop along with just regular Hip Hop. I know loads about music and that is one thing that I didn’t know existed.

Moving on, like I said before, NF makes music that is extremely personal to him and he uses his talent by making his music like a diary. If you think about a diary, it is filled with your most private information that you normally don’t want anyone else to see. NF wants to share with the world what he would have put in his own diary and that’s literally the coolest thing ever. I love artists that aren’t afraid to show you that they are just like us and that they can be going through the same problems that we might be going through. Granted, NF is sharing some deep stuff that is just way too emotional, but he doesn’t care. He just wants you to get the inside scoop of how he has gotten to the place that he is now.

NF is an artist that is so underrated and is an artist that deserves to have his voiced heard by millions and millions of people.

For once, I don’t know why he isn’t as mainstream. Maybe it’s because his music is so personal, and people are afraid to relate to it. But for me, the more personal the better because it shows that you know where you have come from and how it got you to this point in your life.

NF is so worth every stream and download that he can get. If you want to contribute to that, listen to him on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.

Who is an artist you believe isn’t afraid to show the world who they really are? Comment down below and let’s talk about it.

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