What is Majid Jordan all about

Majid Jordan. Have you heard of them?

Out of all the artists I’ve talked about so far, Majid Jordan that maybe a handful of people have heard of.

Who or what exactly is Majid Jordan?

Majid Jordan is a Canadian duo. This duo is made up of singer Majid Al Maskati and producer Jordan Ullman. They started making music together in 2011 and their first song “A Place Like This” was released in 2014.

This duo I got to know was all because of Pandora. It’s funny because I really don’t even know people anymore that use Pandora. Anyways, on one of my radios, the song “Make It Work” came on. Listening to it, I instantly fell in love. What I loved the most about it was the beat. I’m definitely one of those people that fall in love with the beat of a song before I truly listen to the words that are sung.

The reason why I believe this duo is unknown and not mainstream is that their music is part of Synth-Pop and Synthwave which are both new type of music genres that are slowly creeping into mainstream music. This means that a lot of people just haven’t discovered this genre of music. I will say time and time again, people not being heard isn’t because they aren’t good, it’s because people need to be more open-minded and be willing to hear others out when they suggest songs or just be willing to listen to a song at least once before skipping it. You never know, you could discover an artist that might open your mind to new types of music. I’m telling you word-of-mouth is really everything.

Like always, Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube are the places to go to listen to Majid Jordan. Trust me, if you are someone who loves good beats and how well different ones can work together, this is the group for you. I know I can get lost in their music and I really hope you will too.

Who is someone you think makes the best music beat wise? Who is someone that you rarely pay attention to what they are singing but are just mesmerized by the sound? Let me down below?


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