Viva Las Vegas!

This week though spring break might be over I want to talk about Las Vegas, Nevada where I spent my spring break. For the first time ever I was able to travel over break to a fun location and chill, reconnect, and enjoy myself in the sun! Dont worry there is a connection to music here… somewhere….

One thing that really surprised me about Las Vegas was the small amount of street musicians. Yeah I saw a couple singers with guitars trying to make their way to fame through the crowds outside of Caesar’s Palace, but really I thought I would see more. I was surprised at how little of this I saw. The musicians I did see, however, were pretty solid musicians. Both the singers and guitarists were pretty talented. Even the singular instrumentalist outside of the guitar world I saw playing a soprano sax was killing it. As I was walking the strip I couldn’t help but think just how many musicians have made there way doing this sorta same thing along the streets just singing or playing for a crowd. There are other ways to get to pop music fame for sure, but it seems like quite a few people have made their way to fame this way, and into clubs, or through things like Youtube.

While there, we also saw Cirque Du Soleil and they were absolutely amazing! Maybe it is because I am a musician but the music was particularly entertaining and was a key part of the acrobatic performance. I guess I never really thought about recording music for live shows like this or even making a career of playing for live shows specifically in Las Vegas for something like this kind of act. I really did have a good look at the things that have shaped our history in Vegas and from where it started to now and could see some pop music influence in several things there, even the fake Elvis posing for pictures.

Below is the link to the show we say called Ka, it was incredible and the music was even better. If you ever find yourself in Vegas take a look around you and see what kind of popular music/ historical influence you can see. Viva Las Vegas!