I am an application developer. I have had an interest in technology long before i knew that it would shaping the world in the future. At age 12, I learned how to take apart and rebuild my family’s desktop computer. While my parents were upset at the time, they found it to be a revelation that I was so gifted in technology. I am passionate about the needs of my clients now in my line of work. Having clients be able to come to me with a desired product and for my team and I to be able to deliver that exact product is a great feel to us. By taking such a leap into mobile application development field, I have found success at a substantial level, developing 2 mobile apps, and learning a new operating system in a short span of time. In my free time i enjoy working on my craft as a developer, and more importantly I am look into different ways of opening my own business, and developing my own unique app within the near future. My goal is to take technology and use it to my advantage. By developing an app, and combining that with formulating a business, I would like to be bring something different to the world, technology is here to be¬†crafted and manipulated¬†in a way best suited for you.

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