Creating Your Own Blog

Hi friends, today I would really love to share with you all the great reasons to have a personal blog! Today’s post will be my last on this platform, but if you were to checkout my professional photography webpage at, I will add a page with my new blog posts. Thank you for always […]

Audio & Music Production

Many call music the universal language. When you think about it, it’s pretty accurate; it has it’s own written symbols, can be read, played, and spoken. Some call music the language of love, but it all comes down to what genres that one appreciates as all forms are unique. Making your own music, or just […]

Using Online Tools to your Advantage

Good Evening, friends. I hope all is well and that the content I’ve shared with you has helped over the past few weeks. Today I would like to discuss with you how to use online tools to our advantage when improving whatever skills you set for yourself. First things first, obvious platforms to find information […]

Resumé Writing Tips

Careers and jobs are hard to come by, especially now during the world’s epidemic. Most of these occupations are finding ways to transfer work to a format that can completed remotely online. It’s important to have all the resources and necessary documents available so whenever the appealing position is available, then you can be the […]

Finding Your Passion in the World of Creative Media

Hi friends, the recent events of COVID-19 and the resulting quarantine, that has affected us all in so many ways, has been on my mind a lot recently. Many of our jobs have been moved to remote work from home so people can have a safe work space. When not on the clock, most of […]

Photography Lenses and their uses

Hi all! Today I would l0ve to share with you all the different types of photography lenses and all of their uses. A photographer should be diverse in their camera knowledge, as clients will want all kinds of work done. So practice as much as you can and get comfortable developing your skills. First up […]

New Useful Digital Collab App!!

Hi friends, today I just discovered a new and GREAT tool to help develop your digital art collages on your phone or laptop. This app is called Enlight Photofox and can be found on the iOS app store. Other apps are just as useful, but this takes everything you need for digital collages and makes […]

Film Photography

A common misconception that people have with photography is that you always need the best equipment to produce the best quality of pictures. This could not be a bigger myth. All you really need is you. The camera comes second. Great photography captivates the soul, and this can be done any way possible. The individual’s […]

Photographing Objects in Motion

Camera blur was one of the biggest issues that I had when first starting out with athletic photography. The people I was trying to photograph were moving so fast that I didn’t know how to focus on them for the smooth picture I wanted. Earlier in my blog, I’ve talked about the exposure triangle and […]

Mobile Music Studio

Are you interested in creating your own music? Are you a fan of multiple genres of music, and have a desire to share your own creations with the world? Most of our smartphones today have apps that assist us in music creation, regardless of the genre. In this post I will include a names of […]

Vlog Channels

A great way to independently and creatively get yourself known out on the internet is to make a vlog or video channel. Vlogs are great if you have your own website, and are looking to add extra elements to it! Vlogs could cover everything from mission trips, to vacations, time in new places, interesting activities, […]

Website Design

I’ve looked for ways to get all my artistic content available all on one platform for a long time before I created my website. The common misconception is that it costs money to build and maintain an internet domain, when in reality all the necessary resources are free. While it’s absolutely possible to spend money […]

Golden Hour

Looking to spice up your projects? Do you want some natural color that doesn’t need edited to be seen? Well then, the perfect time of day to photograph or film is golden hour! Golden hour happens twice a day: an hour after the sunrises and the hour before the sunsets. Depending on your location, there […]


Have you ever taken a portrait or other photograph of a person where there seems to be too much room or too little spacing around their head? Or why there may not be enough room to see what that person is potentially facing towards? This is an issue of headroom when taking your photographs, and […]

Black & White Photographs

Whether it’s been an old film seen in one’s leisure time or a book that was to be studied for class, we’ve all seen a photograph in black and white. Most, especially ones for the 20th century, probably have some deal of noise or grain in them. In classic motion picture art, color was not […]

Dealing with Writer’s Block

Another erased sentence, crumbled up note in the recycling bin, or piece of paper that is torn in half. Creatively writing about topics that are specific enough to be engaging and continuity can be cumbersome, I’ve been struck with this creative sickness quite a few times in my career. First starting out as a blogger […]

Histograms in Photo-Editing Software

When editing your photos in Adobe Lightroom, Paintshop, etc., have you wondered what that graphed display is in the corner of your screen? What does it look so funky, and why does it mean every time I adjust my slider? That funky looking graph is the histogram, for whatever photograph you are developing on in […]

The Exposure Triangle

“Blinded by the Light”, the 1976 amazing hit from Manfred Mann, used to play in my head during the countless times my eyes would be blinded by the overexposure of a picture. This was when I first started developing interest in photography, when I didn’t know what all the numbers and letters were on my […]

Collage Art on your phone

I’m sure everyone reading this has ventured through their timeline on Instagram, looking for something that catches the eye. Being home to many types of pages that produce content, art pages are a common sight on the social media platform. More than enough times that I can count, I’ve stumbled across vintage, aesthetically produced pictures […]

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