Film Photography

A common misconception that people have with photography is that you always need the best equipment to produce the best quality of pictures. This could not be a bigger myth. All you really need is you. The camera comes second. Great photography captivates the soul, and this can be done any way possible. The individual’s creative talent is what drives the best art. For photographing on a budget, all that is need is 35 mm film and a disposable camera that is most often found at discount stores for cheap.

Once you have all this gear the vintage look of film is now in your hands, so use it. Polaroids are great too, even though they’re a little more expensive equipment. Film photography is great because it feels more personal, probably since you can hold photograph. Take pictures of a someone whether it’s a friend, family member, or loved one. Take pictures of the beach with a glistening ocean, or a rocky mountain trail. Great films are what is great to you. Your first 10,000 pictures will be your worst. So go out there an get 10,001. Even more. You have so much potential the only thing left is to use it. As always, my friends, team work makes the dream work.


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