Hi everyone! In today’s post, I am sharing details and specifications about the new Apple iPhone 11 Pro’s camera. This game-changing camera is super powerful and a big upgrade from the previous model’s camera system. To start, Apple placed another camera on the new iPhone calling it the Ultra-Wide camera, contributing to the 4K 60 fps operating system. This Ultra-Wide camera is able t0 get a wider shot at double of what the main camera can see, making it a 120-degree shot. Along with the Ultra-Wide camera is the ability to shoot in what’s called “Night Mode”. This low-lighting detection mode helps your photos turn out more realistic to the human eye. Not that we have night vision in our sight, but the Night Mode helps your photos to turn out less dark and more realistic to what the person shooting can see. Below is a photo of the Night Mode in use. (Photo author: Austin Mann in  http://austinmann.com/trek/iphone-11-pro-review-china)

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