Hi everyone! In today’s discussion, we will be talking about one of the most basic yet important rules, the Rule of Thirds. A grid (usually 3×3) is used as a director of this rule. If you do not have a grid on your camera, simply align the object you are taking a photo of in the middle; however, it is recommended to have a grid for precise alignment. There are points of alignment in where the lines of the grid meet. Placing your object in the area of those lines helps any object in the fame to stay focused on by the viewer.
If your object were to be a person talking, using the vertical lines in the grid are best to suit your needs. If they are looking at someone to their left while they are talking, placing them on the left side of the vertical grid is beneficial in helping the “avoided” space in the frame to be forgotten about.

Grids are always helpful when taking a photo/video to help the object stay focused on.

Thank you guys for reading!


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