Summer classes

Happy Friday guys, we made it! It has been hot all-day today so I have been inside, but I just got invited to go swimming later tonight so that will be nice. A topic that I would like to discuss today is summer classes.

Summer classes are college courses offered to students during the summertime. They are generally all web-based but there are sometimes classes that take place on campus in the traditional classroom. There are a vast number of courses offered for a variety of majors and they are offered during different sessions of the summer. Taking classes during the summer is a great way to stay on track to graduate on time, to add a minor to your degree and to take extra courses that simply interest you!

Some common obstacles that people face include not knowing if summer classes are right for you, the cost of them and trying to make time for them during your fun-filled summer.

Looking at solutions to each of these obstacles, summer classes can be a great thing if you have the free time for them. The past two summers I was working out of state at Cedar Point working super long hours so trying to incorporate summer classes into my busy schedule was not happening. But if you are free or have a job that is less stressful, I say go for it. Taking classes online is still a great option because you can do it from the comfort of your own home. The cost of summer classes is also generally the same as courses during the school year. If money is a problem, often times you can enroll in a payment plan through the university or apply for financial aid.

This summer I have taken a total of four summer classes (including this course) and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I sprawled my classes over the many sessions offered so it allowed me to still have a super fun summer while at the same time staying on track to graduate this upcoming year! My best advice is to do some personal research and think if summer courses are right for you!

Would you take a summer class? If so, what would you take? Let me know!

Have a great weekend,


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