Organization and what it can do for a college student

Hello, how is everyone’s Thursday going? Today I went to my best friend’s mom who is a massage therapist and got my first ever massage; all I can say is it’s definitely worth it! A topic that I would like to discuss today is organization and what it can do for a college student.

College can be one of the best times of your life; from making friends, making memories, taking classes, internships, clubs / organizations and so many other amazing times! With all of the activities that we endure during college, it can be very stressful to balance the busy schedule that most of us have. The best thing that a college student can do is to be organized and know what exactly they need to do, when assignments are due, when exams are and what time meetings are held.

The problem that college students face is not knowing how to be organized to where it works in their benefit. Once you are organized, your life will become a lot less stressful and you can learn to use your time more wisely and not waste it.

There are many solutions that can help better organize yourself. My favorite ones include getting a small planner, using a reminder app on your phone, having a wall calendar and having a binder with all of your folders / notebooks in one location. Once you gather all of these materials, it is good to write all of your information such as due dates and daily goals across all of these mediums, so you are sure to always be on top of everything!

Once you take the initiative to be better organized, you will never not want to be organized! Becoming organized in college is the best time to learn because after graduation, your employer will want to hire someone who is organized and can handle anything (within reason)!

How organized would you consider yourself to be now? How much do you think you would personally benefit from organization? Comment down below, I would love to hear what you have to say!

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