Smartphones and just how awesome they are

Hope you are all having a great day! Today has been a fun day, I went swimming and hiking which is always a lot of fun. A topic I would like to discuss today is how capable our smartphones are.

When looking at cell phones, they originally were designed to make calls on the go rather than having to use a traditional landline. As the years have progressed, phones have become smaller in size and now include a myriad of cool functions other than just calling. Once features such as texting, internet connectivity and cameras became a feature, phones began to evolve even more into what they are known as today; the smartphone.

An issue that I often times see is that people simply do not realize what their smartphones are capable of. If you grew up with a cell phone for most of your life like I have, often times my generation is the most knowledgeable. But for people that are over 50, they often times know how to use the basic functions of their phones, but they don’t maximize their potential. Most modern smartphones today are capable of: phone calls, texting, internet browsing, watching movies, taking hi-resolution photographs, 4K video, video / photo editing, gaming and so many other amazing features.

A solution for anyone to know just how capable your phone is to start doing some research. Look and see what the internet has to say about your phone such as the manufacturers website or going to YouTube and watching a tech review video on your exact phone. I personally recommend YouTube as there are a ton of videos ranging from how to take a slow-motion video or how to turn your device into a mobile hot-spot to have internet connectivity to your laptop.

As smartphones continue to advance each and every day, I only wonder what they will be capable of in the future. Each and every day that goes by I also appreciate just how lucky we are to have the technology we have today. The iPhone 11 is pretty awesome, but I wonder just what the iPhone 20 will bring!

When was the first time you got a smartphone? What is your favorite feature? Let me know!

Hope you have a good night,


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