Hello, hope you all had a great weekend! This past weekend was very jam-packed for me with lots of fun activities with family and friends. Today was a very hot day and I do not have air-conditioning, so I definitely suffered in the heat. An interesting topic that I would like to discuss today is creating YouTube videos.

YouTube is a video sharing platform that was created in 2005 as a way for regular people to be able to share content that they create to anyone in the world as long as they have an internet connection. With the rising development of technology in present day, more and more people have access to computers, cameras and editing software which makes creating videos a breeze!

Billions of people watch YouTube videos every day, but not nearly as many people actually create videos that they post to a channel of their own. There are many obstacles often associated with creating YouTube videos and ones that have always stuck out to me include: poor production, length of the video being longer than it needs to be, and not being clear with the intent / purpose of your video.

Now it is time to address some of the solutions to the obstacles listed above. Poor production is something that can turn your video into something that no one wants to watch. It is important to pay attention to the quality of your video footage, the quality of your audio and that you have tastefully edited all elements into one awesome viewing experience. Along with making sure your production quality is amazing, another thing to consider is the length of your video; you do not want to have a video that is 10 minutes long when you could have gotten your point across in four minutes. With that being said, it is important to go into your YouTube video making process with a clear plan of everything you want to achieve and at the same time never straying away from your original vision unless it benefits your video. If your video is about reviewing the best coffee shops in Pittsburgh, then you shouldn’t have a tangent about going to a rock concert. When I create videos, I like to have a script and a plan of what I want to achieve. Although this is sometimes thought as technical and “taking the fun” out of creating a video, it is a must if you want to have something that is of substance.

I have had to use YouTube in my college career many times from creating projects for class to documenting a hiking trip for fun. There are a large variety of genres from people reviewing things, aerial shots of cities, how to bake a pie, music videos from all your favorite artists and so many other amazing topics. YouTube videos can be challenging to create I will admit, but as long as you are persistent and keep your vision in mind it will all work out.

Hope you all have a good night and be safe in the heat,


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