TV Production (a fun course and a potential career)

Happy Wednesday hope you are all having an awesome day! The highlight of my day was going out for some Pad Thai, one of my favorite dishes. An area of communications media that I would like to discuss today is Television Production.

TV production is a course offered at IUP that is essentially a crash course on the innerworkings of a TV studio. Despite being a person that isn’t too interested in production courses, I ended up enjoying what this class had to offer and it was honestly one of my favorite classes last semester!

TV production is a course that is held at IUP’s tv studio. A highlight of what you learn throughout this course includes: Defining all roles of production, having an understanding of TV / film culture, knowledge of camera / audio equipment, roles of personnel in the industry and many other interesting areas. Throughout the course, you get to do some pretty cool assignments such as a montage, an interview and then a news segment. This course in my opinion sheds equal light on all of these areas and is pretty well-rounded.

Some common obstacles faced with TV production include not understanding how to properly operate equipment, understanding how responsible / careful you have to be and underestimating your abilities as a student.

Taking a look at solutions to these obstacles; there are many. In the studio, there is a lot of expensive equipment including cameras, audio boards, the switcher, TelePrompTer and many other pieces of equipment. The cost of many of these items are thousands of dollars, so it is important to use extreme caution when in the studio following all rules and especially not eating or drinking. A lot of the equipment in the studio comes with a slight learning curve and will take supervised practice until you are comfortable to use it on your own.

Something that I found helpful during this class was to always pay close attention to detail and always stay positive. Learning about TV production can be challenging but is rewarding in the end because it exposes you to a potential career and is a practical skill to know. This class is a great way to build your skillset in the field of communications media and is a course that I highly suggest to anyone.

If you had to take a production course would it be TV production? Why or why not? Would you want to pursue a career in production? Let me know I would love to hear your thoughts!

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